When headaches are really in your face and cranium!heada

Published in May Issue of Tampa Bay Magazine

 Many patients arrive with mystery headaches, they have been to many doctors, and they have had MRI’s of the neck and head which found no tumors nor cancers and no reason for the pressure, tightness, and pain in the head. 

When I touch the muscles at the side of the neck, I often find pain and tightness in the head. In addition, tight neck muscles with a forward head posture often indicate an irregular opening and closing of the jaw. Sometimes the eyes and ears are not quite symmetrical or level, and the scalp is often very tight and painful.

Recently I had an interesting case with all of these symptoms.  Jane’s story was this: 25 years ago she was in a severe auto accident during which she hit the windshield. She was treated over the years with chiropractic as well as by other doctors. She related that she had head pain and tightness in her low back. Jane was given a dental splint for her jaw pain (TMJ), which she said did not help. Nothing seemed to help, and over the years her head got tighter and tighter with pain and pressure. She had tests and MRI’s, but nothing much was discovered. Continue reading