I have had the pleasure of serving many people over the years and have helped many recover from injury and illness.  Below are a few of the testimonials from current as well as previous clients who have felt moved to share their experience.

“I’ve been going to Wellness From Within to be treated by Deborah Karlan for many years now.  She is an expert in muscular massage therapy and
has helped me tremendously over the years, particularly with my lower
back problems.  I can honestly say that, thanks to her expertise, the
overall quality of my life has been improved.  Deborah is not only
passionate about her work, she carefully listens to provide her
patients with the best care to help them achieve the optimum result.
I would proudly and without reservation, recommend her to anyone
seeking help and relieve through massage.”

Leo Cain

“Deborah is one of the best massage therapist that I have ever seen she is an expert in her field!  From massage to colonics Deborah is well versed in the ART of helping others heal.  She truly has a gift and I feel blessed to be able to experience her true passion and desire to help others.  Deborah not only has the fundamental understanding of the body structure as well as multiple healing modalities she also has a level of empathy and caring that is rare in today’s world.”

Michelle Toole


” Deborah doesn’t just give you a “feel good” message, although it feels wonderful, she fixes the everyday aches and pains in your body.  I had a pain in my shoulder that was nagging me for months.  After one treatment with Deborah, the pain went away completely.  The best thing about her is that you know that she truly cares about her clients and how they feel.  I can highly recommend her.”

Sharon Birkett