Lymphatic Drainage Speeds Recovery and Reduces Pain

Our lymphatic system works to keep us healthy. Without our lymphatic system working we would swell up like a balloon and stagnant fluid would swamp our cells.  When our lymphatic system is sluggish we can suffer from aches, pains, and low energy. Lymph Drainage Massage can stimulate the opening of the Lymphatic one-way valves and increase the volume of lymph flow by as much as 20%.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be used both preoperative to prepare the tissue and post-operative to relieve discomfort, swelling and remove cellular debris caused by the trauma of surgery. Knee, hip, back and neck surgery recovery can be added by lymphatic massage therapy. Liposuction and plastic surgery can traumatize tissues, lymph vessels and the interrupted lymph flow can cause reduced healing, fibrosis scar tissue, dimpling and uneven skin. Poor lymph flow after surgery can cause the development of fluid pockets.

I also used KT tape to relieve pain and swelling between treatments.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage and massage can speed recovery and improve the results.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Deborah Karlan, L.M.T. has been a massage therapist Her Wellness From Within office is at 2158 Drew Street in Clearwater. Her information website is For questions and appointments and to find harmony and balance with massage, please call 7276418979. FL License MA4487, Est. MM27138.

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