A Massage Therapist’s Hands, Tools and Tape

My hands are great tools for facilitating changes in the body’s soft tissue by stroking, kneading, and stretching the skin and muscles. My hands and fingers use both my body and leverage to increase the power of my strokes.

Many techniques, like myofascial release, skin rolling, and lymph drainage, require that you do not add lotion of oil to the skin. To release the fascia and lymph start out on dry skin for the best results. After releasing the fascia and channeling the lymph, I apply therapeutic oil, lotion, or analgesic liniment to work more deeply into the muscles. However, when I find areas of pain and spasm, I sometimes use tools to increase blood flow or change the electron charge in the cell to increase tissue activity to promote healing.

Electric E-stim pens are good at making changes to sore muscles and tissue. They can be used to deactivate trigger points: changing the tissue charge, increasing the fluid flow in the tissue and relaxing both muscles and nerves. Hot packs also increase blood flow, while cold packs quiet nerves. In addition, I also use the TRX Cold Laser from Jaken Medical. Cold laser therapy uses a low-intensity light to stimulate healing and to reduce inflammation and swelling and pain. The last step is to use a therapy tape like KT or Rock tape to stabilize an area that had acute pain or swelling. All tools and modalities are included in the hourly fee. Together this approach to healing through massage therapy is successful for restoring balance and healing body pain, swelling and inflammation.

I have been vaccinated but I am still applying covid protocols. I still request masking in clinic common areas and if you have not been vaccinated. Be safe and pain free.

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