Cleansing for Optimal Health

We live in a very toxic world, our food is sprayed with pesticides, GMO  adulterated, and our tap water contains chemicals, hormones, medications and pesticides. Many people have toxic over- load, they have difficulty concentrating, have unhappy digestive systems and have pain in the tissues and joints. A proactive approach to body cleansing can improve health.  To define body cleansing we must think of more than just colon cleansing.  Detoxification must be viewed as a total body process for all the organ systems and the channels of elimination. The 5 primary channels of elimination are the colon, the kidneys, the skin, the lungs and the liver. There are many approaches that can be used to detoxify the colon, kidneys, skin, lungs and liver. Some of the most effective ways are using dietary changes, herbal cleansing programs, colon hydrotherapy, saunas /steam baths and skin brushing, fasting, nutrient supplementation and exercise.

The first step is colon cleansing since a clogged colon must be cleared before the other channels of elimination can be detoxified.  Colon cleansing with herbs and colon hydrotherapy create a pathway for the rest of the organs to begin to detoxify. Colon hydrotherapy (colonics) is a safe and effective method of removing waste form the large intestine.  In my early 20’s I had a clogged colon and I was tired and unhealthy. In 1977 the doctor I worked for detoxified me with colonics, diet, fasting, and supplements and changed my life forever. Today I have an abundance of energy, my colon and digestive system work efficiently and I am rarely sick.  I encourage you to detoxify and restore you health.

Deborah Karlan, LMT

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